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The Moon waneth…

The idea for the imagery for this moon card came during the dark of the moon (sometime during the darkest period of the lunar cycle, the three days preceding the new moon). I painted the colors during the full moon, and finished it today while the Moon is now waning again.

Moon Tabula Mundi Tarot

The Moon card while often depicted otherwise, to me is associated with the waning moon. As the trump of the sign of Pisces, the last sign, it personifies the waning energy of the end of a cycle.

It’s letter is Qoph, meaning “back of the head”.

This scan isn’t the greatest. I really need a new scanner. I have had this one for probably 15 years, I’m not sure but it has been so long I can’t remember exactly and it was the cheapest of the cheap. The glass has scratches and dings that show up in the scan. Why is it dinged and scratched, did I try to scan a rock??

I really love the colors in this card in the original, it glows with an otherworldly light. But this scan does not exactly replicate them. Too dark in some, too light in others, not the exact color. The sky in the original is the darkest color of blood.  I hope to rescan all these someday.

(Can anyone recommend a good scanner that is not crazily priced?)

But here it is. Tell me what you see. What does the symbolism speak to you?

Let the illusion of the World pass over thee, unheeded, as thou goest from the Midnight to the Morning.

Roll up the Excrement of the Earth, to create a Star!



Moon Tabula Mundi Tarot
The Moon
from Tarot M
copyright 2013 M.M. Meleen