Day of the Dead, Rosetta anniversary special, ART!

Hello again!

Since it usually takes me forever in between these posts you are probably surprised to hear from me. But I have several things to share, so here goes:

First I want to send Samhain wishes to you all, may it be a year filled with bright and beautiful things.

Also, November 2nd is the 2 year anniverary of when the Rosetta Tarot was first published in 2011. Two whole years! I don’t remember if I did anything for the first year; maybe I just raised a toast at home. But for this year I’d like to share some abundance with you to celebrate, since it has been a great two years.

In honor of the 2011 anniversary, for the month of November only, the Pocket size Rosetta decks-in-a-tin will be sold for $20.11 instead of the regular price (normally 26.95) pocket Rosetta more than 25% off Nov only. New prices reflected here at the store:

So for those of you who celebrate the XMas/Solstice season tradition of small, meaningful gifts, this could be just the thing. A $20 gift that fits into a pocket or a stocking. And they still come with a customized significator, so if buying for someone else, please let me know what name to put on the card (first name only as the pocket size cards are smaller).

Next bit of good news: The Fool’s Dog, who published an app of the Rosetta Tarot and the complete Book of Seshet on iPhone and iPad, are soon to release a version on Android! Since many of you Android peeps asked about that I will let you know when it is available.

Last is some fun art I promised in the last newsletter to share. The submission for the 3D art project I participated in for Mystery Build has been posted on their website.

The challenge was that you must purchase a kit with a random selection of materials in it. Everyone gets the same kit, but you do not know what will be in it until you get it. Then you had to reINVENT (not just recreate) a famous work of art using only the materials in the kit; nothing else except for paint or coloring media.

When you go to the site, the entries are in random order. Mine is #18 and is called “The Reintegration of the Disintegration of the Persistance of Memory” (quite a mouthful) and is a recreation of Salvadore Dali’s Disintegration of the Persistance of Memory” which was HIS reinvention of his own earlier, more famous work “The Persistance of Memory“.

When you go to the page you can click on the title of the work to read my description of the concept of my reinvention and how I used the random materials to build it.

My entry is on this page (#18)

Yes, you can vote if you want! Only once per day per IP address though through Nov 20th. There is a generous “people’s choice” prize. Which I do not expect to win but hey it is worth putting it out there. Making this thing took 3 months.  Mostly because I had to hand saw all those little wooden blocks from a tiny block of walnut (super hard) wood with an Xacto hobby hand saw. (yeah, major blisters were involved, but it toughened my hands up for cracking hickory nuts later in the fall) It was a fun challenge!
Thanks for reading, hope to have a Star card for you soon, MM

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