Ride the snake…

This is the end, beautiful friend.

Death rides in, but not on a pale horse. He rides a Feathered Serpent, a hybrid creature of the three archetypes of Scorpio: the Eagle as upper nature, the Snake central, and the Scorpion as the lowest form. The beast clutches a salmon in it’s talons. I mentioned to someone that I wondered if it was a faux pas to put a salmon in the Nile. Around here they spawn in rivers, but they are not likely there. Or maybe they are, I don’t know. Anyway he said he thought it was funny that I was concerned about the authenticity of the salmon’s habitat when it was being clutched by a mythological creature ridden by a skeleton in a hat (actually, it is an Atef Crown). Point taken though; I honestly had not thought of that. Salmon for their spawn cycle of life and death; also, the Hebrew letter for this card is Nun, meaning fish.

Just in time, as the moon passes full and is about to wane into the sign of Scorpio tomorrow. Death is the astrological trump of Scorpio, whose GD title is “Child of the Great Transformers, Lord of the Gate of Death”. We also currently have a stellium of four planets in Aries, sign of Mars, which is the co-ruler of Scorpio along with Pluto. Pluto, appropriately, is in Capricorn – sign of Saturn, the sign of old age and Chronos, the old man with the scythe.

In the background, the Great Pyramid is shown on the banks of the Nile, in schematic form so that the King and Queen’s chambers are revealed, along with their star-aligned shafts. The King’s chamber aligns with the alpha star of Draco, the Dragon, and a belt star of Orion (Osiris). The Queen’s chamber aligns with the beta star of Ursa Minor (the Little Bear or Little Dipper)and with Sirius, the Nile Star (Isis). (In those days, both Ursa Major and Minor were considered part of Draco and associatied with goddess Tawret, the Hippo.) Death points towards the current Pole Star, around which “the world turns”. Behind him, the wormhole-shaped solar barge drifts down the stream. Life is but a dream.

From the churning of the Nile mud, and the actions of putrefaction, air bubbles rise with draconic embryos.

This might be the end, for now, as I am debating whether to postpone posting cards for awhile. Or not, who knows? Would you rather they were a surprise, or known in advance? Could ask the same about Death, I guess.

The Golden Dawn color scales for this card are Green Blue, Dull Brown, Very Dark Brown, and Livid Indigo Brown.

Anyway, this is the Death card from my new deck in progress, currently known as Tarot M:



Death Tabula Mundi Tarot
copyright 2013 M.M. Meleen

To see more of this deck in progress, visit http://www.tabulamundi.com/tabula-mundi-major-arcana-tarot/


3 thoughts on “Ride the snake…

  1. AvAdon

    “…Every event is a death; subject and object slay each other in “love under will”; each such death is itself life, the means by which one realises oneself in a series of episodes”.
    It’s an amazing Death. And no matter if it’s the end or not, I love so much what you are and what you create through it.

  2. Adrian

    I am the proud owner of deck #600 of the Rosetta tarot and all I can say is, it would be among the items I’d take with me in a desert island survival scenario. This new deck is looking even better. I own several occult decks and generally prefer the older ones, but Tarot M is looking like it could really become a classic.

  3. Seshet

    Hey Adrian, thanks! Desert island survival, really? I’d take that, and some brewing equipment.
    Thanks for the shout on on Tarot M. I am still working on it; just started back up after a fallow period, so the encouragement is, encouraging.


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