Water, water everywhere! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Another synchronicity. Currently in the sky the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron are all in Pisces, which is mutable water and thus the wateriest of water signs, and the new moon Monday (aka moon day) March 11 joins them! Add in Saturn in Scorpio and most of the zodiac is now in a water sign.

It fits, that I’ve recently completed the Hanged Man card, as the Hebrew letter for the card is Mem, meaning water, and it is the elemental trump of Water and associated with nebulous Neptune, ruler of Pisces.

The Hanged Man is associated with resurrected gods and heros: Odin on the world tree Yggdrasil, Attis on the Pine, Osiris who washed ashore in the roots of the Acacia, and many others.

Here are the different stages of the artwork for the card.


The Hanged Man pencil lo res web size

Hanged Man pencil version
copyright M.M. Meleen


First, the pencil sketch above. Just roughed in ideas at this point. Looks like shite!

Next stage is to begin inking in the lines and refining things.


The Hanged Man Stage1 ink lo res web size
Hanged Man, stage 1 inking
copyright M.M. Meleen

In the above version the basic shapes have been drawn in black ink, and some of the shading has been started. It looks a little better at this point! But some areas are too flat, so now the rest of the shading and details need to be added.


Hanged Man Tabula Mundi Tarot black white

The Hanged Man
black and white version
copyright M.M. Meleen

The above is the completed black and white version of the card. Next up, the card gets painted with colored india inks.

Hanged Man Tabula Mundi Tarot
The Hanged Man
copyright M.M. Meleen

This is the completed card of the Hanged Man for Tarot M. Following the Golden Dawn color scales, the appropriate colors for the Hanged Man are deep blue, sea green, deep olive green and white-flecked-with-purple.

The sea serpent is wearing the mask of a man wearing the mask of a sea serpent, whose horns form a trident. The color radiating out behind him is the color of the glow of light though the deep sea waters. How Neptunian is that?

The next card to do is Death, letter Nun, the Fish. Guess I’d best start it while all these planets are in fish. Then they move on to a stellium in Aries next month, which is fine for a transition to the Death card as Mars ruler of Aries is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio.

To see more cards from Tarot M, deck in progress, go to http://www.tabulamundi.com/tabula-mundi-major-arcana-tarot/

And for the latest news about my other deck, the Rosetta Tarot, I am soon to release a mini pocket size version in a tin, which is something I have longed to do from the very beginning and am finally feeling able to get on with. I hope to also have custom tailored leather cases available in very limited quantities, handmade by a very talented friend across the waters. And, there are still some copies left of the original full size special numbered edition of the Rosetta at http://shop.rosettatarot.com/ so if you want one or want a backup, there they are for now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to do a second edition of those so get them while you can.

Hope you are swimming and floating through the waters of Pisces with ease!


2 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. Share

    Good afternoon! I have and LOVE your Rosetta Tarot and book….really it is an enthralling and amazing deck, I connected with it from the 1st shuffle, and got astounding intuitive readings. I am SO excited to hear about your mini!! I am besides a reader an avid & passionate tarot deck collector (over 500 decks, & Rosetta is in my top 5 fave decks)….I would be ecstatic to own a mini (o. also have your iPad app!). Do you have any idea when it will be available to per-order/order? Also any idea of the price? I am also slavishly watching your blog and the breathtaking creation of “Tarot M”….I MUST HAVE that deck too!! Lol. Have a grand Sunday and thank you for sharing your awesome talent, insight and soul with us all….

  2. Seshet

    Thanks so much! Wow over 500 decks – that is an amazing collection!  I am honored that you love the Rosetta!

    The mini decks should be ready in April, or May at the latest if all goes well. There are some printing details to work out and also the tins and/or cases need to be made. I have not done preorders in the past but if there seems to be a lot of interest I could try it. If/when I do have something ready I will send out an email to the newsletter subscribers for sure to let you know.

    Thank you again for your comment and I wish all good things coming your way


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