A Rose by any other name

Here is the pen and ink version of Strength/Lust/Fortitude/Vigor (whatever you want to call it; I am leaning towards Vigor – what do you think?) The card needs a little touch-up work before painting the colors, but is pretty much done.


Lust Tabula Mundi Tarot
copyright 2013 M.M. Meleen

To see the rest of the posted cards of this deck in progress, go to


The Hebrew letter for this card is Teth (serpent). Happy Year of the Snake!


3 thoughts on “A Rose by any other name

  1. Sage

    I like slightly modifying the names of the cards, to allow for a wider opening of understanding. I think Vigor is a great name, for an absolutely incredible card. Nice work!!

  2. Yolanda

    Well, somehow vigor does not carry the electric power of Lust, which Crowley and BOTA give to the letter, which after all means a coiled serpent, and the ability to use the kundalini power or strength for ability to bring forth creation or alchemical transformation at high level. At least visually VIGOUR will make more sense to me.


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