Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Rose by any other name

Here is the pen and ink version of Strength/Lust/Fortitude/Vigor (whatever you want to call it; I am leaning towards Vigor – what do you think?) The card needs a little touch-up work before painting the colors, but is pretty much done.


Lust Tabula Mundi Tarot
copyright 2013 M.M. Meleen

To see the rest of the posted cards of this deck in progress, go to

The Hebrew letter for this card is Teth (serpent). Happy Year of the Snake!

The Wheel in Color…

The color version of Fortune can be seen here with the rest of the cards posted to date:

Happy Groundhog Day!

It is delightfully cloudy and dull here, I am glad to report.

Jupiter goes direct and the Wheel turns

Fortune Tabula Mundi Tarot black white
Copyright 2013 M.M. Meleen

Synchronicity keeps on turning. Funny how the cards seem to come at the right astrological time. Finally, after a long dry spell, I got inspired and drew Fortune. Appropriately enough, this is the trump of Jupiter and the card showed up just as Jupiter stationed direct, after a long retrograde period. The J-man was transiting my 5th house of creativity and with him moving backwards, I guess I got really stuck. This is the black and white version, the full color one will be posted soon.