The dance of Adjustment

Adjustment Tabula Mundi Tarot
Copyright 2012 M.M. Meleen

Adjustment, Lady Justice by any other name, is the counterpart of the Fool. The Fool’s letter is Aleph, meaning Ox while her letter is Lamed, which means “Ox goad” or “arms outstretched”. Here she is portrayed skating balanced on the blade of the Saturnine sword of justice. She is a personification of Maat, and is the living fulcrum of the scales. Crowley’s communication to Harris on this card states “I should like you to feel that every adjustment was a grand passion; compensation should be a festival, not a clerk smugly pleased that his accounts are correct. It seems to me that this doctrine is very important as a commentary on the text “Existence is pure joy”, and I feel sure that the connection of Venus and Saturn with the sign is significant in this respect.”

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