The Rosetta Tarot App has launched!

Just this afternoon, the Rosetta Tarot app launched!

It was developed by a company called The Fool’s Dog, a husband and wife team. He is an expert Apple programmer with decades of experience and expertise, and she brings tarot knowlege, teaches a shaman school and runs an esoteric conference, and is a fine occultist. They are also very nice people that I am happy to know and work with.

I have to admit I am very proud of it. The developers have done a superb job. Along the way I was given lots of opportunity for input, and I got to make suggestions for features I’d like to include. As a result, I think you will be very pleased with the features of this app! It incorporates all of the things I looked for and found lacking in the other tarot apps I’ve tried.

It works on iPads, iPhones and iTouch with iOs version 4.3 and later, which means 3rd generation and up.

Some features:



There are a ton of spreads to choose from, including the ones from The Book of Seshet.
The entire text of The Book of Seshet is included as an electronic book, and each card links to its meaning from the book.
Card positions link to a text explanation of the position.
You can view the entire deck and each card individually at will, and zoom in on the cards to see all of the detail.
The colors and details look amazing on the new retina display!
You can journal about your personalized meanings for each card or each reading.
All of your readings can be saved for future reference, and you can send readings via email or social media.
There is a card of the day feature to help you with a program of study.
Many spreadcloths are included to choose from, or you can upload your own design.
Voice prompts, reversed cards, and various other options can be turned on or off.
There are two types of realistic shuffle, and a card cutting feature.
The cards can be laid out free form style for your own custom spreads.
The interface is very intuitive!


To see the app and decide for yourself, go to>

If you like it, please remember to return to the iTunes store and give it a good review. This will help other people know what to expect before buying it. I want people to know how good it is (speaking as a proud parent here) but it really is a great app!

If you have any questions about how the features work, please just ask me! I’ve done extensive testing of it and can probably help if you can’t find something you expect to be in there.



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