Vote for the Rosetta Tarot if you like it!

About the contest and Top Ten Reasons to vote for the Rosetta Tarot (spoof):

(vote HERE for the Rosetta Tarot)

(To see the Rosetta Tarot, go to

Recently it has come to my attention that the polls for Aeclectic Tarot’s annual contest for the “Top Ten Decks of 2011” and the “Top Ten Decks of All Time” is up, and some people have actually voted for the Rosetta Tarot! I am very grateful for the support!

If you like it, and want to support a self-published artist, please vote at:

It is a great thing I think for a self-published artist to get into the top ten, as AT is such a well-connected site and the lists stay up there for people to browse. So I really hope the Rosetta Tarot can make it up there into the 2011 list, at least. It would be a boon.

It seems like it might be an uphill battle though, as there are so many great decks out there and many of them are mass marketed and thus have much more exposure. Heck, even some of the other self-published decks have more exposure with Facebook followings and helpers out there marketing and all that jazz. Since I didn’t publish until November of 2011, I had a late start at getting people to even know about the deck. And it is just little old me, with limited resources and time.

But who knows? I’m an optimist at heart so I think it could happen. The Rosetta has gotten rave reviews and I have gotten a lot of feedback from people who love it, so fingers crossed! Just for fun, I wrote this spoof list, Letterman style, of Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Rosetta Tarot. (I couldn’t sleep the other night, ok?)

Some of them are (sort of) funny…and if any of the remarks resemble decks you know & love, please don’t be offended, it is all in good fun!

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Rosetta Tarot

10.) Review just in! “The Rosetta Tarot is hands down The Best Deck of 2011.” – The artist’s mother


9.) Four out of five dentists recommend the Rosetta Tarot over sugary, fwuffy decks.


8.) The Rosetta Tarot is a Thoth-based pirate in a Rider Waite Smith sea. Argh! Vote for the Rosetta. Or, you can date a sea captain!


7.) The Rosetta Tarot is a traditional tarot with true occult meaning, and the suits have not been arbitrarily renamed Mugs, Plates, Chopsticks and Butter Knives, with an added fifth suit, Sporks.


6.) The artist will never ask you to “Like” them on Facebook or “Follow” them on Twitter. However, the artist may (very likely) ask you to “Drink” to them on special occasions.


5.) The Rosetta is not a collage deck or digitally produced. Each card-sized work of art was hand painted by candlelight with a single yak hair, resulting in the artist’s new nickname, Blind Lemon Quasimodo.


4.) There are no vampires in this deck. Not that there is anything wrong with that.     


3.) The Rosetta Tarot is fortified with 200% of the recommended daily allowance of Ten Essential Sephira, 22 Major Arcana, and 5 trace elements.


2.) No cats were forced to pose in renaissance garb in the making of this deck.


And the number one reason to vote for the Rosetta is:


1.) “It’s a two party system. You have to vote for one of us. ” – Kodos


“It does not matter which way you vote. Either way your planet is doomed. Doomed. Doomed.” – Kang


“Don’t blame me – I voted for Rosetta.” – Homer Simpson


If you like it, please vote for the Rosetta Tarot now at


Feel free to pass this on or post it anywhere you think people might be amused!



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