Introducing The Magus…

(from my new deck, in progress. original artwork)

Give a shout out for the man with a plan, bringin’ it from Above to Below, Mr. Mercury himself layin down some cosmic grooves…



Magus Tabula Mundi Tarot

Copyright 2012 M.M. Meleen

I’m sort of kiddin’ around here, but I think DJ Hermes the trickster appreciates the cosmic joke


5 thoughts on “Introducing The Magus…

  1. Seshet

    Ya know, I thought about asking him to pose for it with his gear, but didn’t. He has the arching eyebrows of Charlie though!

  2. Marie

    Now I’ve got it up on the bigger screen on my PC…wow! The symbolism, details and color are amazing….as always. By the way,I’m finding your first deck to be totally magical and very accurate. Easily the best deck I’ve ever used. Blessings on the deck two journey…you’re off to a great start.


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