Apparently I am really bad at keeping up with blogging. Or I have been, so far. 70 days have passed since I’ve posted here! I’ve been way too busy with all the final production details for this deck. What a wild obsessive ride this has been! But soon maybe I’ll have more time for blogging here. The last file has been sent to the printer yesterday. The loan has been closed on this morning and the funds are ready to go.

This deck WILL be available! My best guess now is that by the end of October I should have the finished product in hand and ready to ship.

This will be a numbered edition of 777 decks, with a signed and numbered title card, in a clamshell box, professionally printed and with a 56 page little white book. The boxes are in the style of the Robin Wood deck; they open on the horizontal. The decks will be $39.95. The picture on the box is Death.

I’ll also have 500 full size companion books available for purchase. These are also professionally printed, 240 pages, perfect binding, color cover, with black and white text and scans of each card, plus several pages of color glossy inserts with card pictures. The full size book has lots more detail about the symbolism of each card, the associated mythological, alchemical and occult references and the workings of the mind of the artist. Plus it has sections on Astrology and Qabalah and how they influence the card meanings. These chapters are geared towards the basics in each of these fields, so no worries if you are not an expert. It often is confusing, even to astrologers, how the planet-in-sign combinations manifest in the small cards, because of the way the meanings are affected by the intersection with the appropriate sephiroth on the Tree of Life. Hopefully this book will shed some light on that. The books will be $24.95. The picture on the cover is Adjustment.

Once I have the exact release date, I’ll inform subscribers via email well ahead of time so you can be ready.

I also hope to get watermarking done so I can post more card pictures on the site.

When all of this is up and running, my intention is to post some stories here about the deck creation process. And some pictures of some of my other art that influenced some of the cards in this deck.

Then I’ll start another deck. *lunatic grin* You’d think I would have learned by now that this is crazy! But I figure, I’ve had to learn so much in order to get this far, it would be crazy NOT to do it again. OCD maybe? I guess I may just have more decks inside wanting to be born.

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