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Rosetta Tarot News and Ramblings

Since it has been more than a month (!) since I tentatively first put up this blog, I figured it was time to say hello and give a shout out to the ethers. (echo…echo…echo…)

Yesterday for the first time in a while, I got a nice surprise. Major Tom, creator of the Tarot Lovers Calendar, contacted me and invited me to send in two cards for a page in the 2012 version of the calendar! You can pre-order one here. Not only is this the last year in the Mayan calendar (woo-hoo!??) but it is the 10 year anniversary of the calendar. I sent in the Devil and the Star. It seemed like a good combo, the Devil to me sometimes represents unfulfilled potential and the Star completely fulfilled hopes and dreams. Plus the Star is so feminine and ethereal and the Devil in the Rosetta Tarot is quite earthy and masculine. Quite a contrast, but they looked good together! You can see her right now on the Rosetta Tarot site but he hasn’t been posted yet.

Believe it or not, behind the scenes work on bringing the Rosetta Tarot to the material plane has been happening consistently. Almost every day I’m taking steps toward this, and also finishing the writing of the Book of Seshet, the companion book for the Rosetta Tarot.

Besides lots of writing, mostly the last month has been spent researching printers to do a small first edition. It has been difficult, as printers or at least printing service salespeople seem to be notoriously slow to respond to email, and this has made the conversations take an excruciatingly long time to travel back and forth. The cost is staggering. To me, at least. It will cost more than I paid for my car to print even just a tiny run of 500 decks. (Now that is not saying much, if you could see my car, which was purchased used and is now more than a decade old and not a sporty thing to begin with, but still.) I know I could have picked up the phone, but I very much dislike doing so. (I actually do not have a phone at home.) Doing that small of a print run also makes the cost per deck so much higher than if I could print several thousand at once.

I did explore the possibility of manufacturing them myself. I found a good paper and a great yet affordable photo quality printer – but because this deck is so colorful with black borders too the cost of the ink for printing one deck would buy a meal for two at a swanky restaurant. With a bottle of wine. I could get non OEM inks, true. But then there is the lamination issue. The laminator I bought jammed constantly, ruining several pages printed on said notoriously expensive archival ink. And cutting out just three decks as prototypes nearly gave me an RSI and took hours each, even though I have a very nice photo cutter and corner rounder. They did come out nice, though. They are perfectly sized, shuffle nice and very nice color quality. If only it were easier!

Another idea is not laminating them, but using a coating. Seems messy. I also have a company ready to sell me a machine and make me a custom die for cutting them, which honestly is the only way to go because cutting them by hand just is not going to work. Though they came out sized perfectly, it was just way too much work.

So the best thing to do seems to be to bite the bullet and pay for the professional offset printing. The files are almost ready to go to the printer, I just have to choose which one and pray that the one I choose will do a good job. To them, this is probably considered a small job. To me, it is huge and represents the expenditure of my life savings and the culmination of a whole lot of hours of work.

I just chose a card for how this is likely to go. I got the Ace of Wands, a huge phallic flaming rod. Seriously, to me, that is a good omen. A new start, a burst of creative energy and natural force. I’ll take it.